If you are planning to change your mobile carrier then Metro by T Mobile can be an ideal choice. Due to the collaboration between Metro PCS and T mobile, Metro by T mobile came into the picture with several new offers to its customers.

How Can I Upgrade My Metro PCS Phone?

Metro by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile comes with several mobile plans at an affordable rate to cater to its customers on a tight budget.  Metro by T-Mobile allows you to connect with other devices like smartwatches, tablets, pet trackers, and Metro smart ride. Due to the collaboration, you have to upgrade your Metro PCS phone to avoid inconvenience in the future. 

Metro PCS provides good network coverage in all the states of the country. Once you subscribe to any of its plans you will get two options to choose from the unlimited plan. Both unlimited plans have a variety of exclusive features and data of 35 GB per month. You get endless music streams in an unlimited plan, sufficient hotspot data, access to Amazon Prime, and cloud storage.  Moreover, Metro PCS phones and programs are made for low-income families thus it is perfect for you if you have a joint family and a tight monthly budget.

If you wonder which all phones will work with Metro PCS then don’t worry every single detail will be shared with you. Here we have shared which phones are compatible with Metro by T-Mobile also we will guide you on how you can upgrade your Metro PCS phone. Also, we have shared all the requirements you need to consider while you are updating your phone.

How Does A Phone Upgrade Work For Metro PCS?

If you are planning to upgrade your phone for Metro PCS then it is a brilliant idea. Due to the merging of the Metro with the T mobile, several mind-blowing features like high-speed internet connectivity, faster delivery of messages, consistent and clear voice calls are now available. Moreover, there are a few more fantastic offers that you can benefit from including the 5G network technology by  T mobile. All the questions like “how much does it cost to upgrade your phone at Metro PCS?’”, “which all phones are compatible with Metro PCS?” are answered here.

To avoid inconvenience in future you should keep upgrading your phone. In the modern era of changing technology, telecommunication companies are also upgrading their systems to support current technological needs.

If you have any old phones such as HTC Dream, Huawei U8220, and V710 Then you might have noticed problems like poor connectivity and system failures. So if you are planning to upgrade your phone to a new one then you should definitely look for better services.

There are numerous things that you can currently do with the latest Metro PCS smartphone. Like you can connect other devices such as smartwatches, tablets, pet trackers, and even Metro smart ride to your smartphone.

You can even share the internet with your devices without using MiFis hence it makes your life easier. Moreover, the latest smartphones allow you to connect to home security systems via the internet to monitor safety while you are away.

How Can I Easily Upgrade My Metro PCS Phone?

To avoid inconvenience and connectivity issues in the near future you should upgrade your smartphone to the latest technology. Upgrading your phone means you are getting a new phone with the current operating system and a few more additional features.

However, before upgrading you should check the PCS upgrade prices and select the most affordable plan for your case. Also, Metro PCS is giving up to a $150 discount on any phone that you get from them.

You do not have a reason to continue struggling with your old phone. Now, for upgrading your phone, you can visit the website or any of their stores to find the latest offers and deals. You can upgrade at the lowest price of $39.

Can I upgrade My Metro PCS Phone Online?

Yes, you can upgrade your Metro PCS phone online by visiting the official website of PCS and get additional discounts if you are a new subscriber.  Online activation reduces Metro PCS upgrade phone costs.  However, existing customers have to visit Metro PCS stores or call to upgrade.

There are many phones of different brands that you can get today. You can even get 5G phones all you have to do is place an online order. Just provide the necessary details like a physical address for the delivery of the phone or you can also visit a nearby store for getting a phone.

What Is The Cost To Upgrade My Phone At Metro PCS?

Metro PCS upgrade phone prices vary from customer to customer, it also depends on their method of upgrading. I have been continuously upgrading their charges with respect to time. In 2018, the upgrading charge was $10. Currently, there are numerous offers going on while you upgrade your smartphone.

But, how much does it cost to upgrade your phone at Metro PCS? as mentioned before, you can get up to a $150 discount on any phone you get from phone with terms and conditions applying. Also, the cost of upgrading your phone depends on the phone you choose.

You can get four free Samsung Galaxy A01 phones without any cost to switch.  This offer is available at Metro PCS stores only. You can locate a store near you and carry out the upgrading process.

During the upgrade, you have to pay sales tax and activation fees. Moreover, you will need an ID for the validation. However, you can get 2 free LG phones and 2 free tablets with zero fees to switch. You just need to visit a store near your location for upgrading just like this Samsung Galaxy A01 offers.

Also, you can get 5G phones starting at $29.99 without any extra cost. The devices that have T mobile 5G network backing can definitely experience the best connectivity speeds.

If you plan to get an iPhone then you can benefit from a $200 discount on any iPhone 12 model. You can also find other Metro PCS upgrade deals by visiting the nearby store or by visiting the official website.

How To Save Activation Fees ON Metro PCS Phones?

You do not have to pay any activation fees at Metro PCS if you pay the first month’s plan in advance. Few dealers might charge you some activation fee but that is not a policy of 5g phone. However, if you need a new sim card then you have to pay $10.

Another thing that you can do to save yourself from the activation fee is by self-servicing yourself online. Using the online phone activation get you can carry out the activation process by yourself. However, if you do not have an account at  Metro PCS Near Me then you can create one. Generally, the upgrade prices depend on the activation method you are using.

How Do I Activate MY Phone ON Metro PCS?

After upgrading your phone the next step is to activate the device. Phone activation involves the following steps:

Keep your Metro PCS sim card and phone ready.  there is no way you can upgrade your phone without a SIM card on.  this sim card must be on your phone and it should be connected to the network. you will also need the  IMEI number of the phone.

  • New customers have to set up a new account with Metro PCS. Since you are a new customer, you need to provide your name, physical and email address, and security information, including PIN, security question, and security answer.
  • If you are an existing customer then you should call 1-888-863-8768 or visit any nearby store to activate the handset.
  • If you bring a phone number from another carrier then you should ensure that you know the number and PIN. Subscribers from Verizon need to get the number transfer PIN.  you should dial #7678 on your Verizon and follow the instructions to get the PIN.
  • Now you can see various plans. Select any suitable plan and make your first payment.