What Is Metro by T-Mobile How To Find Metro Pcs Near Me?

Metro by T-Mobile is an American prepaid wireless service provider. It was previously known as Metro PCS Near Me or simply Metro. MetroPCS is a brand owned by T-Mobile US thus it is also known as Metro by T-Mobile. Previously, it operated the fifth largest mobile telecommunications network in the United States using code-division multiple access. MetroPCS competed against the wireless service provider brands like AT&T’s Cricket Wireless and Verizon’s Visible. The carrier engaged in a reverse merger with T-Mobile US, post-merger, its services were merged under Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ and LTE network in 2013.

Which Metro PCS Store Locations Near Me?

For knowing the location of the nearest Metro by T-Mobile store, you can use the official Metro by T-Mobile store locator link. Enter a few basic details like zip code, city address and it will help you navigate to the nearest Metro by T-Mobile store.

You can also use default map applications on your phone. Search for ‘ Metro PCS Store Locations Near Me in the search bar and they will help you navigate to a store near your location.

You Can Easily Find Metro By T- Mobile Location

Above You can See the Metro Pcs Location Near me. You can easily see the all the Metro By T- Mobile open and close see the store.

Metro Pcs Store In USA City – Locations Near You Opening & Closing Times, Address, Contract Number, Maps, All Information


What Is The Opening And Closing Time OF Metro By T-Mobile? Metro Pcs Store Near Me Open Now

Metro by T-Mobile or simply Metro PCS has a schedule similar to a retail outlet. For the weekdays, from Monday to Saturday, they follow the same schedule with fixed opening and closing times. While on Sundays, opening time is 1 hour late and closing time is 2 hours earlier than normal days. Now, take a look for knowing more details about opening time, closing time, and Metro PCS Store Near Me my current location.

The Opening Time OF MetroPCS  OR Metro Pcs Store Near Me Open Now By T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile opening hours may vary from location to location. For the majority of areas, the opening time of Metro PCS Store Near Me Open Now is the same from Monday to Saturday i.e. 10 AM. On Sundays, the opening time is 1 hour late than usual i.e. 11 AM. Stores open at 12 PM at some odd locations.

Metro Pcs Opening Time

The Closing Time OF MetroPCS OR Metro By T-MobileMetro Pcs Store Near Me Closing Time

Metro by T-Mobile closing hours may vary from location to location. For the majority of areas, the closing time of MetroPCS Store Near Me is the same from Monday to Saturday i.e. 8 PM. On Sundays, closing time is 2 hours earlier than usual i.e. 6 PM. Stores close at 9 PM at some odd locations.

Metro Pcs closing Times

What Are MetroPCS Holiday Hours? Nearest Metro Pcs Store For You

On all major holidays, the customer service department remains closed. The company observes the following holidays –



New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday

George Washington’s Birthday

Memorial Day

The Fourth of July

Labor Day

Columbus Day

Veteran’s Day

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The hours of operation may be affected for the day before and after the holiday.

What Are MetroPCS Special Event Hours? Metro Pcs Locations

There is no list of special events on the website of Metro PCS Near Me that affect the hours of operation. We reached out to the customer service department; the customer support agent told us that the only event affecting the hours of operation is the day after Thanksgiving. The agent also stated that the customer service department is open from 5 AM to 8 PM, local time.

How To Contact The MetroPCS Customer Care Department?

These are the ways by which you can easily get in touch with the customer support team. You can try multiple methods to connect with the support agent if you want an early resolution. Using different ways to connect with the customer support team increases the chances of faster replies. Use the following resources for getting the resolution to your problems.

Contact Number – Customers can directly connect with the customer care department during business hours at 1-888-863-8768. Use a customer care number to access your account, but after business hours, an agent will not be able to serve you.

Message Support – For sending a message to the customer service department, you have to locate the nearest MetroPCS store by using the store locating tool. After entering the details, you can send the message as well as know about the hours of operation and other details.

Mail Assistance – Customers can directly send correspondence to the customer support team of the headquarters at MetroPCS Wireless, Inc. P.O. Box 601119 Dallas, TX 75360.

Social Media – You can send a message to the customer service department through social media. Drop a message on their Facebook page and they will reply to you during regular business hours Metro Pcs Near Me. If you want to keep the conversation going then send the message during business hours. Messages sent post business hours will be replied to the following business day.